Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Painting Tyler T-grips for a better grip

When I first picked up a T-grip for our Charter Arms Undercover .38 special it was out of necessity since I had put Barami Hip Grips on it so I could use it as a "Stuff & Go" gun. I couldn't get a solid or consistent grip using just the Hip Grips so on went the T-grip. The one I got for it was originally designed for a S&W N-frame which has a slightly longer grip so I had to trim up the bottom a bit to get it to line up with the bottom. I had then sprayed the T-grip with PlastiDip spray to cover the trim job & give it more grip. I've found over the past year that PlastiDip does not wear well. It has a tendency to rub off and then the whole thing will start to peel. While walking the aisles at Home Depot I spotted some Rustoleum texture paint (used for painting outdoor patio furniture) that looked to be a good replacement to the peeling PlastiDip.
I decided to go ahead and prime the T-grip using a gray automobile primer first before applying the textured paint. All it took were two quick coats of primer followed by two coats of the textured paint. The combination of the two gave it a nice dark gray which contrasts well with the stainless finish and glossy black of the Hip Grips.

The textured paint gives the grip a sufficently rough surface without making it overly abrasive.

I'm very happy with how it turned out and after a couple months of use I'll report back on how well it holds up.


Chris K. said...

I hope you see this, I didn't see a contact link.
I like what you do with the ultra thin kydex. Just a suggestion. Maybe making it with less folds (I've found those to be the weak points) and more riveting.
Check out Raven concealment systems and their holsters. I'm not sure if they mold each side independently or if they just have the folds further away and cut them off. Either way I think it would make for a thinner, stronger profile. Especially for AIWB carry

Eric said...

Thanks for the suggestions! I have seen the Raven holsters. If you look at all their products you'll see that they now offer a "Trigger Holster" like the one I came up with on here. From the looks of things they put out quality kydex rigs. I'm always looking for different ways to design & put together holsters. I just picked up a new pistol so I'll be putting together a new AIWB for it.

Air_Cooled_Nut said...

Instead of the PlasiCoat use an industrial coater. I found a local one and talked to the owner about coating some custom parts for me (one-offs). He was happy to add my part to a batch when the color came up. The stuff won't come off unless soaked in HCL acid for a few days and media-blasted off! Here's my guy but you may find someone closer:
One application where I used it:

Marc H said...

How did the paint wear? I'd like to do this to mine.