Saturday, February 6, 2010

How to Convert from 9mm to 7.62x25 on a Norinco 213 Tokarev Clone

I've learned a lot about Tokarev's since owning my Norinco 213. This Chinese version is very similar to all other Tokarev's except for it's chambering. Recently, I came across someone selling a barrel and matching bushing in the original 7.62x25 chambering and decided to try converting my Norinco.

There are a number of reasons to do this conversion from 9mm. Yes, 9mm is a larger diameter caliber and there are many many more defensive options for the 9mm, but my Norinco is strictly a range gun and won't primarily be used for defensive purposes. 7.62x25 ammo in many circles is considered almost a magnum round because of the speeds it can approach (similar to .357mag if loaded right). It has been shown to penetrate kevlar helmets. For those that like bigger bangs & more flash the 7.62x25 outblasts the 9mm. In addition to that merit, surplus ammo can be found at very low prices. If you shop around it can be found for 9.5cents a round compared to around 20cents a round for 9mm. So it's economical to shoot it much more. Thirdly, it gives me another option and I love more options.

I put together a video to show how everything goes together.

This is what's needed:
- Barrel chambered for 7.62x25
- Barrel bushing to match the barrel
- Wide magazines for 7.62x25

It's that easy!


Erik said...

Just FYI, I have some ammo from Reed's custom ammo that's pushing 1900FPS from a 93gr. JHP :-)

Eric said...

I'd be interested to see how that HP opens up after hitting something at that speed! Wouldn't it most likely fragment?

arnbo88 said...

Have you tried shooting 7.62mm using the 9mm bushing? The difference between the two bushings is minor and the pistol still cycles. I worry that accuracy may be affected due to that little extra slop. The other problem with the 9mm ejection port is that it cannot eject a full length loaded 7.62mm round. This has to be done by removing the magazine.