Friday, November 7, 2008

Kahr PM9 Kydex Pocket Holster

Inspired by my previous pocket holster for my Charter Arms snubby I decided my Kahr PM9 needed some new duds. I added a distinct bend to the tail which does two things. It gives it a squared off look when it's in my pocket and it helps hook onto the pocket to allow the holster to fall away from the gun when drawn. I haven't added any anti-skid tape to it yet, but I don't think I'll need to.

I made sure to cut enough away from the grip to allow a solid grip and the outside pocket side is nice and flat with just a hint of curve here and there.

Comparing it to the pocket holster for the snubnose revolver it's shorter in length (muzzle to grip), but has more height (top of slide to bottom of grip). I prefer to shoot with the Pearce grip extension so I leave it on for pocket carry.

Everytime I make something like this I gain renewed appreciation for the folks that make these for a living. The inital molding of the kydex isn't hard, but all the little details to make it fit just right for the gun, pocket and for the hand add up and take time. In the end, it sure is nice when it turns out the way you want it.


Foster said...

Just stumbled on this blog. I like it so far as I'm on the verge of purchasing a PM9 for myself. I used to have an MK9 and loved it but those were in pre-PM9 days. Anyway my question is, do you carry your PM9 with one in the chamber? If so, how comfortable are you with carrying it that way?

Adam said...

Just read through you blog, great work with the kydex. Opened my eyes to a more "do it yourself" way of getting a holster that works for you.

Eric said...

Foster, Yes I do carry with one in the chamber. Even though the Kahr's trigger is fairly light for a double action trigger it has a decently long trigger pull. Also I always carry it in some kind of holster that covers the trigger guard. Carrying it this way I am very comfortable that the gun won't accidentally go off in my pocket, yet will give me a quick first shot once it's drawn.

sqrlnts said...

How much would you charge for a copy of your pocket PM9 holster. Feel free to email me at my yahoo account. should show below.