Monday, August 11, 2008

T-magster -> Update!

Say hello to the new and improved "T-magster"!

My wife came up with the name and I liked it so that's what I'm calling this new magazine carrier. This is a quick post about my latest updates to the design which I originally introduced in this previous post.
As you can see I shortened the "T". After wearing the original style for a day and a half it became uncomfortable because the extra extension would poke me when I sat. I realized that it didn't need to be so long to accommodate the amount of shirt that needed to be tucked in so I went about trimming it and reforming the kydex. You can also see that I improved the retention by dimpling the kydex where the mag catch is. This allows the magazine to click in and out so you know it won't start sliding out on it's own. Another feature that I made to enhance concealment is a slight tilt of the mag towards the body. I found that when the mag was straight up and down in line with the bottom T that it would lean out away from your body when attached to the belt. The slight tilt counteracts that and helps keep the mag close in.

With the refinements it's become an incredibly comfortable way to carry an easily accessible concealed spare magazine without taking up valuable pocket space.

I call this idea a solid success!

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stoble said...

I would like to have one of these for a single stack 45 cal. that fits the short grip Kimber Ultra Carry and Compact CDPs. What would you make one for? Nice idea.