Thursday, January 3, 2008

Hip Grip/Mexican Carry Trigger Holster

Do you ever get an idea in your head that keeps you up at night? That's what happened to me last night. It's an idea that I'm surprised noone's ever thought of before.

Here's some background before I get into the actual idea. A few weeks ago I became friends with Michael, the husband of one of my wife's friends. We were visiting at their house when the conversation turned towards guns. Turns out Michael's an enthusiast like myself, though more old school than new school. By old school I mean revolvers, 45's & leather vs. plastic guns & kydex holsters. He was fascinated by my Crossbreed Holster since his leather IWB for his Springer 1911 isn't the most comfortable and doesn't conceal well. Anyways back to the idea. Michael also carries a hammerless 357 snubbie tucked into his pants using the tried and true Barami Hip Grip. Now I've owned a Charter Arms 38 snubbie I'd gotten for my wife since last summer, but never really tried to carry it and using a hip grip intrigued me. So I went out and got one. It works as advertised, but it's a little disconcerting that there's nothing covering the trigger guard like in an actual holster. I know people have carried like this for decades. It's been termed "Mexican Carry" which is basically carrying a handgun tucked behind a belt sans a holster. There are lots of different carry clips available to help with this very useful way to carry. That's when it hit me.

I'd read about a knife holster several weeks back when I was researching neck knives. The holster could also be used with the knife in the pocket. When the knife is put into play and pulled out of the pocket a chain or cord tied to the holster and attached to a belt loop would catch the holster and uncover the knife blade so that it can do it's work while safely clearing the pocket. Why can't a similar "trigger holster" be made for those of us who decide to mexican carry. Here's what I've come up with:

This prototype was created with a scrap of kydex that I had laying around along with a chicago screw and an extra shoe string.

These are the features of my trigger holster:

- Safely covers the trigger guard while the gun is inside the pants
- Adds no bulk to the width of the gun
- Weighs very little
- Pops off once the gun clears the pants allowing access to the trigger
- Adjustable length string (allows for a longer or shorter length depending on if the gun is worn appendix or behind the hip)
- Tension screw allows adjustable tightness
- Can simply stay attached to the gun during storage

Here is a video showing how the trigger holster is worn and used (this is only the first day that I've worn a revolver using a hip grip so my draw definitely needs some improvement) :
I have only made one for a J-frame sized 38, but this idea can easily carry over to any number of handguns that can be stuffed inside the waistband.


HowardCohodas said...

Has this ever been commercialized?

Eric said...

No it hasn't. This was just an idea that I had and decided to run with it.

Stephen Price said...

Great Idea!

I like to tinker with Kydex as well. I just made a similar trigger cover for my S&W 638. I also made my own version of a clip draw out of kydex because I did not like the Barami Hip Grips.

I think the combination of the clip and the trigger cover makes Mexican carry a more viable alternative.

Thanks for sharing your idea!


IndyRoadie said...

FYI, it was patented and commercialized in 2007 by an Indiana resident. It is now being sold by the Malabar Front since 2008.

Erik said...

Not sure when it was brought to the market, but a similar design is Dale Fricke's Zack Holster: