Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Another conversion from OWB to IWB - the OTI holster

I'm the one that put together the original Bucket holster and I know that there are some out there that rolled their eyes at the thought of putting a piece of bucket inside their pants. I had a number of people throw out suggestions to use leather or kydex instead of a simple paint bucket and I listened...sort of.

The bucket holster worked for me and I like it, but I'm one of those people that can't leave well enough alone. I fiddle and experiment/mess with things. Enter the OTI holster (OWB To IWB). I had purchased a square of leather from the local Tandy store to attach a small piece to my Uncle Mike's pocket holster (it needed something else to break up the shape of the P3AT) I had a bit of extra and wanted to try out another idea. The size and thickness of the leather I had gotten wasn't quite stiff or large enough to do the same thing I did with my bucket so I improvised.

Here's what I've come up with:

For those of you that would like to try this here's a little illustration that I drew (I'm no Picasso).

It's very adjustable for cant and height depending on where on the clip or the leather you want to attach everything. I'd say it's even more comfortable to wear than the bucket because it's much more form fitting without loosing the stiffness needed to stay put. I have noticed that it's easier for me to slide it along my belt when initially putting it on, probably because before the bucket piece would catch on different parts of my pants.

Here's pictures of this rig worn.

All in all, I'd say this was a successful experiment.

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